Is your Facebook not working? Get some solutions here!

Today, Facebook has about 2.23 million active users. A platform that allows you to easily connect with family, friends and colleagues, this platform also allows users to share photos, music and data. Aside from that, this social network website is loved by teens because they can personalize their profile the way you plastered your bedroom wall with posters or frames.

Despite being some applications, it stops working due to some technical issues at the end of the server or sometimes the device may not support it. So here you can see some of the important steps to fix Facebook problem not working.

A quick fix to fix something doesn't work on Facebook

Check if your Facebook app is updated or not

It is true that the new updates on Facebook add new capabilities and add some new features to the app so it is recommended to start updating Facebook to the latest version.

Clear the cache of your Android phone

First you need to go into the Facebook app settings and clear the app cache at the same time.

So with the help of the information above, we hope you have the answers on Facebook and the related problems. But if you are still dealing with Facebook issues that are not working, you can choose to contact Facebook Customer Service.

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